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About NST

Thank you for looking at NST for your Tournament needs. We appreciate your consideration, as I know how difficult it can be to pick the proper tournament with all the choices out there today. Gene Carella, NST Co-Tournament Director, has been presenting tournament opportunities since 1990 for what was formerly known as Grand Niagara Cataracts Hockey Association. In 1999, he started Niagara Sport Tournaments to help provide youth hockey to hundreds of teams throughout the U.S. and Canada per year. Gene also raised four hockey players, and through his travels to many tournaments, he understands what hockey parents’ want. Gene's son Michael now runs the company but still has the same goal as his father, which is to make sure that every player has a great time win or loss. Hockey is a GAME where the end result should be smiling kids who don't even realize the life lessons they are learning.

I (Michael) have been to many tournaments in my playing and coaching days where what was advertised was not what we got. For example, I remember a tournament where our AA Minor Bantam teams was playing in the same division as AAA Major Bantams! The tournament director was nowhere to be found, and the staff that was there could not help solve this problem. In a different tournament, the schedule that was sent a week before the tournament, was changed the DAY before the tournament started, which completely change our hotel and other plans we had outside of the tournament. This will not happen at NST. I personally am present for EVERY game of the tournament so if you need to find me you can and the schedule is send out 3-4 weeks before the tournament.

I put all teams through a rigorous screening process to ensure each team is placed in the proper division. As you may know there is no exact science to paring teams. Since there are many different classifications used by amateur hockey teams in different regions of the United States, and Canada (see Screening process tab above). Divisions can get messy if careful consideration is not taken. We at NST, take much time and effort to create well-balanced divisions. Nothing is more disheartening then driving to a tournament to blow out a team or get blown out by a team.

Teams also do not want to travel to a tournament just to be place in the same side of a division as team from their local leagues. My father and I take great pride in delivering an enjoyable tournament experience for our tournament families. This is evidenced by an incredible return rate in tournament participation by hockey associations. We only accept between 40-60 teams per tournament. This wide range in number of teams ensures each division of each tournament has balanced competition. We will not force a division together just to fill ice! We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to our tournaments.

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